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The purpose of the Robert McGregor Heritage Fund, as part of Art Deco Trust and Napier City Council’s commitment to preserve and restore Art Deco era heritage in Hawke’s Bay, is to enable the Trust and Council to provide financial assistance to owners of heritage buildings and in doing so, continue to support the preservation and restoration of this critical element of the Napier story.

It is proposed that Art Deco Trust and the Napier City Council each make an annual contribution to the fund, which is distributed in the subsequent 12 months. It has been agreed that the Napier City Council will disestablish their existing fund in order to support a contribution to the newly established Robert McGregor Heritage Fund, a decision which will be reviewed after one year.

The overview document outlines the nature of the fund and how it will be administered by the Trust and in conjunction with the Council.

The Overview Document

Type of Funding Assistance

A fund award in the form of a grant may be made in part or in full. There is no minimum assistance amount however the maximum that can be awarded to any single project will be $10,000.00.

It is the aim of Art Deco Trust and the Napier City Council to collaborate with the community and foster enduring relationships. The community is encouraged to make use of experts within Council and the Trust that may be able to provide assistance directly. Where a grant is not possible, applicants should proactively identify individuals, groups or organisations that are willing to partner in order to add value to their heritage project.

Approved use of Funds

The fund will be used to assist with physical works for heritage buildings only. Funds will not be awarded for other objects, natural vegetation, habitats, cultural or archaeological sites. 

At this stage, applications can be made only for minor restoration and painting work. Unfortunately due to the limited funds available, more significant work such as earthquake strengthening, major restoration and adaptive re-purposing cannot be considered. Art Deco Trust encourages building owners who are undertaking projects that do not fit within the funding criteria, to still consult with the Trust, as they can provide connections to people that can assist in other ways.

Who can apply?

Applications for the fund can be made by individuals, trusts, or companies providing they are the owner of the building concerned or have written authority from the owner to make the application.

Only one application, per year, per building can be made however an approved application does not prohibit an applicant from making future applications the following year or on-going.

The building must be a group 1 or 2 heritage building and/or a building of the Art Deco era within the Art Deco Quarter defined by the Napier District Plan.

Funding Rounds

There will be two funding rounds a year, in the months of January and September. While it is anticipated that a portion of the fund will be available for each funding round, this is not guaranteed; one funding round may be oversubscribed and the fund exhausted within the funding year. The amount of funding available for each funding round and within each financial year is variable and not guaranteed.

How to apply for Robert McGregor Heritage Fund

Please download, fill and e-mail the Robert McGregor Heritage Fund Application to gm@artdeconapier.com

The next Funding round opens 1 August and closes 1 September 2019.  Applicants will be notified of outcome by 27th September 2019.

Robert McGregor Heritage Fund Application

Or alternatively you can fill in the online form below.


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