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Our in store music playlists

Have you enjoyed the music playing in our store or are maybe considering hosting an Art Deco themed party? Use any of the following playlists we have created on Spotify to help transport you back in time to the 1920s-30s. We have even included a few playlists created by others that we have enjoyed listening to over the years. Click on the playlist to head straight to Spotify and give them a listen.  

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Art Deco Trust - Shop Playlist

This is our complete playlist which consists on a combination of both modern songs performed with a 1920s twist and a fair amount of Vintage Jazz Vibes. The playlist is 8hrs and 30 mins long (approximately) and contains 145 songs. Perfect for the shop floor and can easily last the working day, with enough variety to keep you interested. A great selections of tunes to use over the festival period. 

Art Deco Trust - Shop Playlist-652

Modern 1920s Twist

This playlist consists of 64 songs and is approximately 3hrs and 56 mins long (give or take a minute). Taking songs from the Great Gatsby and Post-Modern Jukebox we've created a lively and fresh deco themed playlist. Enjoy listening out for your favourite songs and seeing if you can spot them after their deco transformation. We would definitely recommend this for a Deco Dinner or Gatsby Party. 

Vintage Jazz Vibes-119

Vintage Jazz Vibes 

Enjoy a smooth and mellow blend of Ella Fitzgerald to Dean Martin. A slightly more chilled and authentic soundtrack to play whilst you're travelling around in your 1939 Packard enjoying the fresh sea air. Very easy listening, you almost can't help but sway in tune to the music. 

A Very Deco Christmas-349

A Very Deco Christmas 

Feeling the need to move away from generic pop Christmas songs and move to a rich 1920s New Orleans themed Christmas. Dark evenings and dim glittering lights to light snow and airy magic. This playlist has it all, either way it will certainly be part of you Christmas playlists to never forget. Contains 306 songs and plays for about 15 hours. 

When Charleston Was King-972

When Charleston Was King

This jam packed playlist contains only 239 songs but lasts for a full 11 hours. We take no credit for this playlist, only in finding it, but we're not alone over 10,411 like it as well. If you're looking for a playlist to dance away this evening this may in fact be the one for you. 

Jazzy Jazz-722

Jazzy Jazz

If you're looking for a soundtrack that will stand the test of time, this would be it. For two reasons; does Jazz ever really get old? No, it ages like a fine whiskey in an oak barrel. The second reason is this playlist contains 514 songs and is over 24 hours long. If you think this would be a little much then take the word of 37,455 people who have liked this playlist. 
Standing the test of time is an understatement. 

bop to the lindy hop music -832

Bop To The Lindy Hop

This energetic dance was founded in Harlem, New York during the 1920s-1930s, a partner dance consisting of 8 and 6 count steps. Named supposedly after Charles Lindbergh who went to simply “hop” over the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. With plenty of borrowed footwork from Tap and the Charleston. The lindy history is a little cloudy but from what we can see it is quite a blend that led on to many other partner dances. Check out our playlist that we think is perfect for the Lindy Hop. To learn more about HOW to Lindy Hop check out the links below. 

Learn To Lindy Hop In A Day (fwd/back, popout, promenade, circle, Charleston, dip) - 3:37 minutes long

Learn Swing Dance! Lindy Hop for Beginners (class 1 of 6) - 7:51 minutes long

Do you know of any playlists that you absolutely love and we haven't included? Or maybe even a couple songs that deserve to be added to our own store playlists. Feel free to get in touch on social media or share your own playlist via Spotify. 



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