Ticket Exchange is a service where people with tickets that are no longer needed, and those who are seeking tickets, can advertise their requirements. When a match is found the two parties deal directly with each other. All tickets sold on Ticket Exchange must be at the normal retail price or lower.




Art Deco Trust Events Team strongly suggest that anyone who uses the Ticket Exchange Website and Facebook pages first carefully reads the Ticket Exchange Rules:

  • The Art Deco Trust will monitor the information posted on the Ticket Exchange Website and Facebook site but can not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions contained therein.

  • The asking price (sale price) for any tickets sold using this exchange must be at the programme listed price or less. Any tickets listed above these prices will be immediately removed and the user blacklisted. Ticketing administration fees can not be included in sale price.

  • Each listing will appear for 2 weeks, after the those two weeks the listing will be deleted. You may re-list any tickets after this. This is to ensure that old and/or incorrect listings do not stay on the exchange for a great length of time.

  • This service is free but anyone found to be flouting the rules will have the listings removed and will be blacklisted.

  • ​The moderator of Ticket Exchange can be contacted on artdecofestival@gmail.com




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