Our Volunteers are the backbone of the Trust, and help protect, preserve promote and celebrate our Art Deco era heritage.

Art Deco Trust is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join us as Guides, Greeters, Ambassadors, and Retail Superstars!

No prior qualifications are necessary as we will provide all the training you need.


The Art Deco Trust currently has a passionate and dedicated team of approximately 120 volunteers.

A team of 40+ walk guides support the Walks and Tours activities of the Trust along with 4 shop volunteers each day who assist with the retail store 364 days of the year.

Each year the Trust calls for volunteers to assist with our annual festival celebrations where we play host to tens of thousands of visitors to our Art Deco city.

The Art Deco Trust could not survive without volunteer support. The Trust regularly recognises our volunteer contributions with:

  • Providing gratis Art Deco Trust membership
  • Providing social activities throughout the year
  • Hosting an Annual Volunteer Dinner
  • Awarding for long service
  • Supporting a Volunteer Committee
  • Provide winter training opportunities
  • Providing opportunities to give suggestions and feedback into the Trust’s activities.
  • Providing a Volunteers Lounge
  • Providing a comprehensive library for all to use
  • Providing a communication forum for all volunteers

The Art Deco Trust are always looking for more volunteers to helps us with our work.
We welcome shop volunteers throughout the year and invite each April off opportunities for new volunteers to train as walk guides. 

If you enjoy meeting new people, are enthusiastic, and keen to become an ambassador for Napier and our Art Deco Heritage, then we welcome your enquiry. 

Come along and have an informal chat with one of our staff or contact us for more information. 

Please send us a message via the form below, or phone 06 835 0022 and press 1 for walks, tours, and retail.

We would love to hear from you!

Volunteers registration form

If you are interested in becoming an Art Deco Trust volunteer, please complete the form below.

Which areas of the Trust's activities are of interest to you?
Please include any heritage, arts, culture or events experience for which you have served as a volunteer and describe the type of work you performed.
Please include why you desire to volunteer and what assets you would bring to the Art Deco Trust.

General Requirements

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to work as a team player is vital.
  • Volunteers should be reliable, responsible, committed, and energetic. In addition, volunteers should
    demonstrate flexibility and a willingness to take on duties as assigned by department heads.
  • Previous experience as a volunteer is preferred, but not required.
  • Volunteer must attend orientation/training – time/dates vary with each department.
  • Upon acceptance, all volunteers must sign a Volunteers Agreement.